Saturday, May 9, 2009

LivingEtc Launches in India

IPC Media’s International department, part of the licensing and syndication division IPC+, has announced the launch of an Indian edition of Livingetc – Britain’s best-selling modern homes magazine.

The deal has been brokered under a license agreement with Images Group, which publishes business and consumer magazines that tap into niche markets.

The Indian edition of Livingetc is the third international venture of a fast growing international magazine title, with editions also in Thailand and Cyprus.

IPC Media’s international publisher Siriliya Nawalkar says:"We are really excited about launching Livingetc in India with Images Group. Livingetc is proving itself as an International brand and this, combined with the expertise of our partner, will, I am sure, make the magazine a great success"

Suzanne Imre, editor of Livingetc UK says:"I’m thrilled about the launch of Livingetc in India. The magazine is already a must-have, cult brand for modern interiors enthusiasts in the UK and I believe there is a huge opportunity for the same thing to happen in India"

IMAGES Group editor-in-chief Amitabh Taneja says:"Considering the recent trend of home and fashion getting closer and given the core strengths of both companies, it creates just the right synergy that the Indian market has been waiting for. Images Group is excited about charting this new territory in the country. We are delighted to partner with IPC Media, one of the largest magazine publishers and the leader in the home interest market in the UK.”

Images Group president and publisher R Rajmohan says:"The last few years have seen a huge change in the way the Indian urban population perceives its immediate physical environment. Easier availability of home products and increased travel have made peoples’ aspirations within reach. We see a huge opportunity and promise in this segment of home fashion and decor. Images Group is upbeat about bringing Livingetc to India; a magazine that has been a phenomenal success in the UK.”

The first edition of Livingetc hits Indian newsstands today, priced 100 Rupees.

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